Want to lose weight in a month? Try some popular exercises

There are some exercises, which have been equally popular for many years. Without going to a gym, you can practice them comfortably without having to go to the trainer’s door and hands-on results will be available.

 They have long been popular for the same reason that anyone can easily do them. Want to know what those are? But yes, for those who do not exercise at all, it can be painful if they start doing so. Very good shoes, walking and running mast. Also, comply with the Low-Calorie Diet Plan.


If you walk a little faster than you normally walk, it will reach the level of exercise. Gradually increase the speed, it is better to do light jogging.Walk for half an hour in the beginning, then gradually increase the time. If you can walk at the same speed for an hour, then the weight will be reduced, the force will increase.

Racing or Sprint:

Your body will get used to the walking routine within a few days, then start sprint or short distance racing. Try to shorten 100 meters too fast. Then take a break for a few seconds, then come back to the starting point. Again, you will only run after a good running shoe.

Initially allocate 15 minutes or half an hour to race. After that, you should increase the time by five to seven minutes per week. This exercise will strengthen you in the morning, in the early morning or afternoon. For those who have never run, the pain in their legs is normal at first – but if you continue the practice, your legs and upper body will gradually become stronger.

Push-ups and dips:

For both exercises, lie down on the floor. In the case of dips, place your hands along the shoulders, the legs should be slightly spaced.

After that, massage the body with the palm of your hand and your toes. In the case of push-ups, the hands will be on the sides of the shoulders, the legs will be in pairs. Likewise, bring the body down to the ground, then lift it up again. During the whole procedure, the glutes should be pulled inwards. Shoulders, chest, abdomen, and triceps will become stronger at the same time.


Crunches strengthen your core mass, making it waist and abdomen. The feet can be folded and crunched by lying on the ground, spreading the whole leg. Crunch can also be practiced on the bed or on a chair.


 The squats are up and coming. Stand straight with the legs slightly spaced. Keep the body straight and sit down as much as you can. Get up again The back should not bend. Stretch the glutes and abdominal mass inside. Try to do at least 20 squats at a time.

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