Take 5 exercises to hold the skin moisture

As he gets older, his impression does not fall on the skin, we keep trying.

Even if you do not want to buy expensive products from the market to get the desired beauty, do not miss the experiment. But if you look at a few simple exercises without thinking about it, then the face remains bright.

¬†Whatever you use from the outside, the beauty is but the inside. So let’s know about some of the exercises that keep your skin radiant and make you beautiful from the inside out.


When breathing, notice the breath carefully with your mind. This will calm your mind. In fact, you know – the face is the mirror of the mind.

And so the tension, the stress that you have in your mind – one of these impressions will come face to face. So calm your mind and keep your head straight and breathe in your mind, it has more benefits to the body, as well, if you continue for about 15 minutes every day for a week, you will see the effects of it.


Must have a rough idea about the top? Yeah, that’s right. It is quite difficult as a seat. Reverse the whole body with the head mass, head down and legs up, for a while.

I know you’re nervous, but believe it works very quickly. As the blood pressure in the body rises higher on the head and face, the blood circulation of the mouth increases. One thing to say, however, is that this seat is not for everyone. Especially not for those with high blood pressure. And tell those who are just getting started – you start with a trainer initially. However, it is really effective as an exercise in maintaining the radiance of the skin.


What could be the alternative to massage? And it takes a lot of rest. The ease of running around the eyes and eyebrows with two fingers is heavenly.

And as a result of this increase, the blood circulation in your mouth also gives different levels of light. Hold the four fingers of the two hands to the side of the ear, and continue with the two fingers of each hand in a circle around the forehead, eyes, eyebrows. Keep doing this for quite some time. If possible five to six times a day is better. This is a very timely exercise. So you also need to have enough time on your hands.


Wake up every morning. Wondering what the skin needs to say to this kind of addition? In fact, you will find many solutions to this problem, as well as the skin, but the benefits do not go away.

In the case of Halasans, you need to lie down on a flat plane. While lying on the other side of the body, bend slowly to lift the front leg together and try to touch the ground behind your head slowly, it will increase blood circulation in your body and pressure on the muscle. And it will also increase the brightness of the skin in your body.


You can also practice breathing. You don’t have to do anything physical to do this. You just lie down and keep your hands on both sides of your body.

And in addition to continuing to breathe normally, give yourself some time to concentrate on that breath. Usually, in the morning or in the evening, you are asked to breathe at the end of all seats or in between each sitting during your yoga practice. You may have heard of these additions to other physical wellness sources.

In fact, they have different importance in skincare, but if your body is healthy, blood circulation in the body will increase, and as the blood circulation in the skin, the skin will be brighter. So the beauty will come from within you, not from the outside. All you have to do is practice.



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