Four simple exercises to stay healthy and strong

Due to lack of time and lack of gym, many people do not have the opportunity to go to the gym.

But fast food, including essential foods, eat a lot of fat and calorie-rich foods, for a long time sitting in school, college or office, body fat is more than needed.

Excess weight causes a variety of serious illnesses, including heart disease, stroke. Also, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol are likely to increase, which is a risk to our health.

And to avoid this, you must exercise regularly, even in small amounts. We need to be strong in order to move on in life.In view of these things, today four simple exercises will be discussed based on expert opinion.


1. Running

The advice of doctors and gymnasiums to stay healthy is the most talked about.This is one of the easiest and most effective exercises for burning extra calories and fat stored in the body.

According to a survey by the nutrition journal, ‘Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cancer Risk’ in 2002, the risk of breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer can be reduced by 40 to 70 percent due to daily sweating.

Not only that, an expert named Danish and his team, who tested over twenty thousand women and men for thirty-six years, said that every day the amount of running increased the life span by five to six years.

Another study by the Harvard School of Public Health in 2002 found that running for one hour a week reduces heart disease and blood pressure by almost 42 percent. Also, the role of racing is great for relieving diabetes, strengthening bones and muscles and improving the immune system.

2. Jump rope

Not enough time for running or going to the gym. Then you can easily get rid of the extra calories and fat by jumping rope in the room or in a small area of the roof.

Rope jumping is considered the most effective exercise instead of running. It does not have a pair of legs, arms, butt, shoulders to strengthen the body and the body.

The first workout can burn up to ten calories every minute with this workout. If skilled at work, you can easily burn over 200 calories in ten minutes. It can be done in a small amount of space so you can devote time to this exercise at any time of the day. In the first case three sets of five, three, two minutes, ten minutes continuously increase the set number and time.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups are an exercise that can be performed at any age, anywhere, any situation. Push-ups are one of the few workouts mentioned in the Fitness Dictionary as ‘Exercise for Strength’.

The role of push-ups to strengthen the upper body masses and bones, including biceps, triceps, four arms, grips, upper body masses, backs, is extraordinary. There are several types of push-ups such as:

a) Wide-grip, clamp and atomic push-up for the chest.

b) Heart-Shaped and Narrow-Grip Push-Up for Tricep.

c) Single-leg and fit-elevated push-ups as core body workouts of the upper body.

d) Pike Push-Up for Shoulder.

e) Spider-Man and Tea Push-Up as a Full Body Core Workout.

There are also different types of pushups. Many fitness trainers design push-ups depending on what the body shape of the client is like.

4. Sit-up

Its role in shaping the muscles of the abdomen is strong, strong, with an imbalance.Just like pushups, there are different types of situps besides just the standard situp ‘standard carcasses’. Such as weighted corners, reverse carnations, rise leg carnations, switch ball carnations, etc. While situps are beneficial, the possibility of lower back injuries can be avoided if not done properly.

Before any exercise, we should all do warm-ups like this. They supply blood to the glands of the whole body, releasing the body that is formed because of not exercising for a long time. And regular stretching during warm-up makes your body more flexible.



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