Exercise, stay healthy

Exercise helps us stay healthy. For this, everyone needs to know about exercise. It is important to know the benefits of exercise.

Aerobic Exercise- Walking, jogging, up stairs, playing tennis, dancing, biking, gardening, swimming.This type of exercise increases our breathing and heart rate. As a result, blood circulation and lungs are healthy and keep away from diabetes and heart disease.

Strength – This type of exercise helps to strengthen the bones and muscles of the body. For example, a lightweight, gym band, and machine use help to build strength.

Modesty – Shrink the various parts of the body and perform yoga, perform five-time prayers.

Balance – Prevents sudden falls at an early age. For example, standing on one foot, walking on the heel of the ankle.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise increases appetite, relieves constipation and leads to better sleep. If you stop exercising, your heart and body will lose energy. HDL cholesterol decreases. At the same time, blood pressure and body fat increase. As a result, diabetes and heart disease can occur.

1. Exercise increases feelings of happiness. Mood improves, as well as relieves emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and stress.

2. It helps to reduce body weight. Laziness induces obesity by increasing body weight. The human body uses energy in three ways – digestion of food, functions of the body, such as heartbeat and breathing. Without it, more calories are consumed.

3. Exercise helps to build and maintain muscle and bone in the body. Apart from this, bone in the body plays a role in erosion.

4. Exercise increases body strength. Eliminates fatigue.

5. Reduces the risk of chronic disease. That is, the lack of physical exercise increases the risk of developing chronic disease. Besides, it helps maintain a healthy body.

6. Moderate exercise produces antioxidants in the body and increases blood circulation. This protects the skin and does not allow the body to age.

7. Exercise enhances brain function and protects memory and thinking.

8. Exercise can be relaxed. As a result, all the work in the day can be done with joy and happiness.

9. Exercising for chronic pain provides good results. It also increases the ability to withstand pain.

Regular exercise produces some hormones in the body, which brings joy and tranquility to our mind and leads to good sleep.

 At present, various forms of exercise through physiotherapy play a role in curing many diseases. Exercising 30 minutes a day and five days a week is beneficial for the body.

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