7 ways to gain weight in 7 days

Like many people who suffer from weight loss, many suffer from weight gain. No matter what the effort is, weight does not increase.

One way to check if our body weight is correct is to compare body mass index to height and weight ratio.

According to the chart, it is important to increase weight gain. Otherwise, weight loss can cause you to suffer a lot.There are ways you can be healthy in just seven days. However, irregularities do not work. Weight gain should be followed by the rules. Here are seven ways to lose weight in just seven days –

Dried fruit:

You can eat dried fruits to increase weight. Nuts, apricots, and raisins are most useful for you in this case. Start the day nuts. With raisins and dates. Because a lot of calories from these foods are matched. These calories help you gain weight.

Eat a little more:

The reason for not gaining weight but eating less food. Therefore, you should eat a little more than what you eat every day. You should eat one-fourth of your daily diet. But do not eat extra. In that case, hitting can be the opposite.

Foods with high calories:

Keep in mind that foods are high-calorie intake. You can eat ghee, butter, eggs, cheese, soft drinks, beef, potato fries, sweet treats, chocolate, condensed milk, eggs, raisins, apricots, yogurt, bananas, grape juice, pineapple, etc. Because these foods contain a lot of calories.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables help to lose weight just as it helps to lose weight. Because there are some fruits that have a lot of calories. So if you want to gain weight, eat mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, ripe papaya, sweet pumpkin, sweet potato, raw banana, etc.

Honey and milk before sleep:

In addition to eating nutritious food at Petpur every day to increase weight, you need to keep in mind some more. For example, honey and milk before bedtime. This will add extra weight to your body. Eat a teaspoon of honey with a glass of milk before sleeping every night.


Exercise is not just about weight loss. It is also effective in weight gain. How? If you exercise daily, digestion and hunger will increase. Feeling hungry at a given time will also increase interest in food. And then taking nutritious food will increase the weight.

Adequate sleep:

Getting enough sleep will help you to gain weight. In addition, it is important to be free from anxiety. Because if you are worried, you will sleep better. If you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily, you are sure to gain weight.

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